The success of the FQHC Advanced Primary Care Practice demonstration project has expanded the growth of FQHC’s demanding more support for population health, care coordination, and culturally-competent health management programs.

As FQHC’s look to expand their framework for value-based contracting, Equality Health is a perfectly aligned partner to accelerate that transformation.

FQHC’s who become members of the Equality Health Network (EHN) benefit from our infrastructure of population health technology, automated cultural care pathways, mobile-based cultural engagement tools, and free access to our Q Point coordinated care organization.

Q Point can help FQHC’s transition to value-based care designs through our robust managed care and delegated risk services. Rather than having to invest in infrastructure, our turnkey services allow for rapid implementation and program integration.

Once members of the EHN, FQHC’s can benefit from increased patient volumes and administrative simplification across multiple payer contracts through Equality Health.