The Equality HealthTM Mobile Platform is focused on engaging the Medicaid (predominately Hispanic) population in Arizona. By providing a superior mobile experience, members will use the platform as a source of truth and access to care in both English and Spanish.

The engagement platform will leverage the capabilities already available on various mobile platforms including Android and iOS (e.g. notifications based on locations, GPS, GeoFencing, TouchID, Siri). The platform will focus on providing an effortless, frictionless, and seamless experience. In other words, the member will receive a superior mobile concierge-type of experience.

Access to Care

Access to Care will always be front and center for the underserved population in Arizona. Like other individuals in America, the Medicaid population has the same time constraints due to family, job, and transportation with the added financial burdens seen in the underserved. For these reasons, the Equality Health mobile platform will be the vehicle to providing an integrated and seamless experience with culturally competent providers.

Members will be able to directly connect with culturally competent navigators to receive a concierge level of service. The Navigator will provide bilingual services such as where to seek care, setting appointments, and requesting transportation on behalf of the member. In essence, the platform will enable the member to “advocate” for themselves while building a Circle of Trust that includes their family, provider and the Equality Health navigator.

Our members will receive a concierge level of service via the mobile device they hold in their very hand. Simply, the navigator can assist in accessing convenient and prompt care based on their geographical location and preferences. All the while, avoiding unnecessary visits to Emergency Room that can be handled by other channels of care in a more timely manner.

Member Awareness & Guidance

Member awareness and engagement go hand in hand. Members being able to see information pertinent to their ongoing health is critical. The ability to review their labs in an easy to understand fashion, visually see trends, and complete and update a health risk assessment while regulating what information is shared with their Circle of Trust will give the member control over their health.

The member will always have control of who is in their Circle of Trust as well as their own data. The Circle of Trust will have visibility to the member’s next appointment, medications that have been prescribed, physical activity by the member (e.g. steps, exercise), if granted by the member, for the purposes of support and encouragement.

Whether perceived or real, financial constraints have an impact upon the member when seeking care, following care instructions or filling prescriptions. For this reason, pricing transparency and transportation alternatives will be made available via the mobile platform.

Self & Assisted Guidance

On a continuous basis, the member will be provided self and assisted guidance within the platform. Guidance will coach, guide, and recommend approaches and services related to a members ailments and chronic diseases. The platform will also house patient information and over time incorporate personal data from wearables and other sources that are deemed important by the member (e.g. blood sugar, heart rate, cholesterol levels, blood pressure). All guidance will be evidence-based and culturally adapted. Self-guidance includes the easy understanding of a member’s claims history in an easy to understand format.

Along with all the patient related items described above, background integration will be critical to providing a seamless experience by integrating to EMRs, EHRs, and other yet-to-be-defined platforms/apps/systems (e.g. IBeacons).

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