Employers with Hispanic employees understand the paradox that despite being a youthful demographic, Hispanic healthcare costs can be very high due to the cultural and behavioral characteristics of the population.

By partnering with Equality Health on a direct contracting basis, employers can benefit from our dedicated Hispanic healthcare delivery system designed to lower costs and improve employee health engagement.

Through our Q Point Coordinated Care Organization, we help employers better understand the health risks of their employee population, including cultural risks associated with delaying care and lack of adherence to treatment protocols. Through our powerful Health BI CareEmpower platform, we aggregate and store a wide variety of data to generate risk management profiles and clinical analytics to better manage populations. Our access to claims and ADT data allow for rapid intervention on high-risk employees. We provide on-demand reporting and can create custom queries based on employer forecasting needs.

Employers can contract directly with our culturally-competent provider network that has its roots in the Hispanic communities that many employees live.