Equality Health is committed to promoting healthy living and healthy work environments. As a next generation company, Equality Health is transforming health care management by incorporating culturally-sensitive pathways, health analytics, and personalized approaches to improve care to the Hispanic Community.
Our holistic approach recognizes health promotion is best achieved by addressing social determinants which impact health. Through a network of community partnerships, infrastructure and investment, Equality Health is drafting strategy to improve communities access to food, security, housing, transportation, education and safe neighborhood environments.

Our comprehensive community platform is unique and will expand the vision of a process that will achieve community-wide health benefits.

Equality Health Empowerment/Community Centers- Centros PEC

Community centers offer after school activities, health and fitness classes, health literacy classes, weekly movies, arts and crafts, healthy cooking classes, substance abuse support, workforce development, youth programming, nutrition and grocery store shopping trips for selecting healthier options on a budget.

Community Resource Connections

Health Navigators manage a phone line to facilitate access to social services already in the community and are available for consultation at EH empowerment centers.

Equality Health Center of Excellence

The EHN Center of Excellence- supports diversity and inclusion efforts to increase the number of culturally competent healthcare providers in communities served. Through partnerships and alliances with healthcare institutions, associations, and academia, this center supports scholarships, mentoring, preceptorships, and youth career days.

Community Engagement and Partnerships

Equality Health attends and sponsors events in support of organizations which improve the health of our employees, members, and our community.

Community Development

Equality Health funds projects which enhance the mission of non-profit organizations whose efforts align with ours.