At the individual practice level, most physicians have not adopted prevention-oriented population health in their current model of healthcare delivery. Traditionally, physicians have been mostly involved in the treatment of acute problems; managing these problems consumes most of the patient visit, leaving little time for the physician to address preventive and chronic care needs. In an ACO practice, however, attention must shift to the management of all patients in a practice across the entire spectrum of health, from those who are well to those with the most complex conditions, including individuals at the end of life.

ACO’s have to be able to get the most from their providers. Targeting reductions in utilization, achieving quality goals, and narrowing gaps in care are paramount to success.

Our Health BI CareEmpower population health technology stack is a formidable step toward the automation efficiency needed to lower the cost of care and achieve performance results.

Utilizing better data analytics across multiple dimensions of care will allow ACO’s to transform their care delivery models and serve patient longitudinal needs across the community. CareEmpower has the industry leading population health management solution, being used by two of the largest health plans in the country to aggregate data and take actions to reduce costs.

The Health BI CareEmpower cloud-based platform works with ACO’s to drive their value-based care delivery transition. Leveraging over 10 years of experience in event-driven care transitions and care coordination technology, the newly expanded Population Health platform provides the products and services our ACO customers need to aggregate their clinical and claims data, analyze that data, intervene on high-risk, reduce readmissions and unnecessary utilization, enhance patient engagement, and improve care outcomes.

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