We Believe in Equal
Health for All

At our core, we exist to end health disparities and improve the health of individuals, families and communities. Founded in 2015, Equality Health, a whole-health delivery system, aims to improve access to value-based care for people who have long struggled with navigating the traditional one-size-fits-all U.S. healthcare system. Equality Health expands access to high-quality care by empowering payers and providers to deliver an exceptional patient experience, while lowering cost of care and improving clinical outcomes. The goal? To ensure all people receive high-quality care that improves and enhances their lives regardless of race, ethnicity, age or income.


Our Mission

To ensure all people receive quality healthcare that improves and enriches their lives.

Our Vision

A world where everyone has equal access to quality healthcare and achieves optimum health.

We Believe in Health Equity

We believe that people of all ages, races, ethnicities, income levels and social status should have equal access to high-quality healthcare that encompasses physical, behavioral, and social well-being in their local communities.

We Believe in Cultural Integration

We believe that a person’s knowledge, attitudes, and beliefs about healthcare stem from their cultural values, social norms, and where they live.

We Believe in Connected Communities

We believe that we must automate community-based care in order to optimize care collaboration and focus on developing communities, not just knocking on their doors.

We Believe in Empowering Providers

We help doctors save time, so they can focus on improving culturally competent care for their patients – especially individuals left behind as a result of the broken one-size-fits-all U.S. healthcare system.

When Equality Health takes care of business, doctors can get back to being doctors. That means more listening, more understanding, and higher quality care for the individuals they serve.

Cultural Care Model

Who you are and where you live shouldn’t be barriers to good health. That’s why Equality Health is creating a revolutionary health care delivery system for populations that have long struggled with integrating int the one-size-fits-all U.S. health care model. Our Cultural Care Model is designed to reduce health disparities by improving access, cultural assistance, trust, and quality of care.