Build Healthy and Vibrant Communities.

Working closely with key stakeholders in the community, we’re providing resources and support to help build healthy and vibrant communities.

LINQAZ Community Resources Network is an alliance of culturally competent community-based organizations who have come together to improve the health and well-being of individuals and communities by providing social services, clinical services, and linkages to educational and employment resources. Visit to learn more.

Chicanos Por La Causa (CPLC) believes that all people, without discrimination, should have the power to live a life of dignity. Their programs work to help individuals and families acheive self-sufficiency by providing accessible healthcare; affordable housing; a quality education; access to meaningful work; and political representation. Visit to learn more.

Wellness AtoZ is making Arizona and the Greater Phoenix region known as a destination for healthy talent and a healthy community. It offers free solutions for all businesses, complementing existing programs or offering tools for companies to build their own. Visit to learn more.

Phoenix Rising FC is the highest-level professional soccer franchise in Arizona’s history and the 2019 USL Regular Season Title Winners. A goal of Phoenix Rising FC is to promote healthy living and an active lifestyles. Visit to learn more.