Great Reasons to Join

No Fee to Join

There is no membership fee to join Equality Health Network.

Flexible Contracts

Flexible contracts that grow your revenue.

Free Resources

Free resources to prepare practices for value-based initiatives.

Very Little Paperwork

There is very little paper work to enroll in Equality Health Network.

No Intensive Tracking

No intensive tracking of quality measures required.

The Tools You Need to Succeed

All of the following programs, technologies and services are available, at no charge, through participation in Equality Health Network.


Access to Value-based Care Reimbursement Programs

  • We negotiate with payers to implement value-based care programs while keeping you and your patients’ best interests at heart.
  • Increase your revenue, earn bonuses and upside savings in exchange for certain levels of performance.


Care Coordination and Culturally Sensitive Services

  • Get help for patients who need it most, including culturally-based care support for diverse patients including low-income individuals and vulnerable populations challenged with chronic health conditions.
  • Access to a wide array of care management and patient engagement services that act as an extension of your own quality care.
  • Get access to a clinical care model that can be personalized according to the patient’s own needs.
  • Connect your at-risk patients with community-based programs and resources, complementing but never replacing the quality care you provide.


Advanced Analytics and Technology

  • Get the latest analytics, health information technology, practice management solutions, and an integrated mobile platform that is designed to support care coordination activities.
  • Have your patients take an active role in their health with our patient-centric website.
  • We analyze claims and other data, while also fostering collaboration across our network, to give you access to all the information you need to make informed treatment decisions.
  • Improved access to your patients via a telehealth solution that includes training and education support.

PPMs: Driving Improvement, Decreasing Burden, Delivering Quality Care

As a member of Equality Health Network, you’ll have access to Equality Health’s Practice Performance Managers (PPMs). Practice Performance Managers are central to supporting physicians and practice staff engagement in the transformation of practice workflow to better align with participation and performance in value-based reimbursement programs. We recruit and deploy PPMs who understand how practices have historically functioned in fee-for-service models, and have experience in transforming practices to sustainably operate as high-performing value-based care (VBC) oriented businesses.

A Community
Based Approach

The burden of caring for the sickest, most at-risk patients should not fall on your shoulders alone. It is a community problem and that’s why Equality Health Network is a community-based solution. We help you connect patients with community programs, care management support and other resources.