Our Focus is With You
and Your Patients

Equality Health Network is comprised of Arizona-based providers who are focused on enabling greater quality of care while ensuring the long-term sustainability of their practices. As part of our network, clinical professionals are responsible for doing what they do best—providing culturally-based care that improves the lives of the patients they serve. In return, our members receive a suite of resources and capabilities found only in the largest medical groups and health systems. We also leverage the size and strength of this network to identify new reimbursement opportunities from payers. As a result, Equality Health Network’s physicians can compete and grow their practices regardless of the constantly changing regulatory and industry environment.

Join the Revolution

By participating in Equality Health Network, you’ll be part of a provider-driven revolution to take healthcare back to the basics of quality care. Our efforts will help you:


Get paid for the high-quality care you provide.

We work with payers to explore new avenues for reimbursement and quality improvement while identifying programs in the best interest of you and your patients.

Grow your business.

Equality Health Network will focus on increasing referrals and using network steerage strategies and innovative technologies to help you attract and retain patients allowing you to grow your practice.

Identify your at-risk patients.

We employ advanced analytics and innovative technology to help you identify gaps in care, patients who have been recently admitted to the hospital, and other unique opportunities to improve quality of care.

Get help for patients who need it most.

We have developed a wide array of care management and patient engagement services that act as an extension of your own quality care. We are especially skilled at helping you provide culturally-sensitive care practices.

Prepare for the future.

Equality Health Network provides access to the latest analytics, health information technology, practice management solutions and more.

Coordinate care for your patients.

We analyze claims and other data, while also fostering collaboration across our network, to give you access to the information you need to make informed treatment decisions.

Quality Care Begins
and Ends with You

At Equality Health Network, we believe that quality care begins and ends with you. Your relationships with patients, your expertise and guidance can’t be replaced by new models of care delivery or new technology. However, these strategies can give you the time, resources, and technology you need to provide care you believe in—the kind of care that motivated you to go into medicine in the first place. That’s why Equality Health Network was founded. We empower physicians who want to offer quality care to all patients—including diverse populations—while running a successful, independent practice.