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You & Your Patients

Equality Health NetworkTM is comprised of local providers who are focused on enabling greater quality of care while ensuring the long-term sustainability of their practices.

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Join the Revolution

By participating in Equality Health Network, you’ll be part of a provider-driven revolution to take healthcare back to the basics of quality care. Our efforts will help you:

  • Get paid for the high-quality care you provide.
  • Grow your business and retain your patients.
  • Identify your at-risk patients.
  • Get access to additional resources for patients who need it most.
  • Prepare for the future of value-based, whole-person care.
  • Coordinate care for your patients.
  • Support the delivery of culturally competent care through training and practice management support.

We empower providers who want to offer the highest-quality care to all patients while running a successful practice.

Improving Care

Equality Health Network is the only integrated network focused on whole-person care through a cultural lens. As part of our network, clinical professionals are responsible for doing what they do best — providing culturally-based care that improves the lives of the patients they serve. As a network member you’ll have:

  • Access to value-based care reimbursement programs.
  • Culturally-based care support for at-risk patients.
  • A full suite of industry-leading systems.
  • Support for patients in need.
  • Practice growth strategies.

Why Equality Health Network is one of the fastest growing provider networks – no fee to join, a flexible contract, free resources to help your practice, very little paperwork, and no intensive tracking of quality measures required.

What is Equality Health Network

Equality Health Network is an integrated provider network dedicated to enabling culturally appropriate care. We are not a health plan or a hospital system and we are not owned by these organizations. As a result, we aren’t striving to reduce reimbursement from payers, purchase physician practices or steer patients to a certain hospital. In fact, the opposite is true. Our intent is to ensure that participating providers are paid appropriately for the high-quality care they provide. We also want to make sure that independent practices can stay independent as long as they wish—by helping them compete in a changing industry. Finally, we want to ensure that every patient receives the right care, in the right place and at the right time.

Featured Podcast

How Aligned Financial Incentives are Helping Independent Provider Practices Deliver Efficient, Value-Based Care and Better Outcomes for Their Patients

We know that PCPs are concerned about the impact that value-based care could have on their earnings. Equality Health is here to help change that by providing a new incentive program where the benefits of a value-based system are shared with our providers.