The Unique and Exceptional Woman

No matter where you go on planet Earth, women have held an important role in the development and evolution of the human race. For starters, everyone has a mother. During the nine months your mother carried you, her body provided nourishment for your developing body. Women are the predominant caretakers in the world. They are unique and exceptional beings filled with love.

Our Shot at Returning to Normal

The COVID-19 vaccine is our shot at returning to normal. Equality Health Foundation, with HeroZona Foundation and community partners, is working hard to establish trust and get the vaccine out to diverse communities hit hardest by the pandemic. Thank you, ABC World News, for helping us raise awareness about this important topic.

Organizations hold COVID-19 vaccination events for underserved, disability communities

Equality Health Foundation, HeroZona Foundation, and coalition partners held a vaccine event on Saturday at South Mountain Community College to help diverse communities hit hardest by the pandemic get access to the vaccine. “It’s kind of nice just to feel that relief and you’ve done your part to not only save yourself but other people too,” said a COVID-19 vaccine recipient after receiving their shot.