Our Children’s Mental Health Starts at Home

Does talking about mental health make you uncomfortable? Like who wants to be called loco, right? Mental health does not only refer to going crazy. In fact, it often means learning how to handle thoughts and feelings that are affecting your life in a not-good way.

For kids, mental health issues can be a disaster. They not only make your child’s (and your family’s) present life difficult, but they can affect your child’s ability to have a successful future.

Equality Health Foundation’s Healthy Fall Festival Returns

It’s back, and it promises to be just as much fun as ever — Equality Health Foundation’s Sixth Annual Healthy Fall Festival & Turkey Giveaway takes place this year on Saturday, November 19 from 8 a.m.-1 p.m. at Maxine O. Bush Elementary School (602 E. Siesta Dr., Phoenix, Arizona). As always, the festival and every one of its activities — from admission to the health screenings to the many giveaways — are completely free. You just need to be there!

Medicare: Choosing the Right Plan Improves Your Health and So Does Your Life

Did you know Medicare (the U.S.’s federal health insurance for people 65 and over) is one the most popular federal programs in the U.S.? But not everyone who has it — some 25% according to surveys — fully understands it. The key to Medicare happiness depends on how much effort you put into learning about it. Peter Orona, a licensed insurance agent and owner of ABCD Medicare, compares Medicare to getting a drivers license.

What can parents expect during the baby’s visits to the pediatrician?

When it comes to newborns, it’s natural to want to protect them and do what’s best for them. Taking Baby to the doctor’s office is not necessarily at the top of that list. But it should be.

Besides being the best and maybe only way to discover if something under the surface needs attention, well-child checks give you special information about your baby. You’ll not only discover if Baby is developing on target, but you’ll get a chance to ask questions about your baby and even get help for yourself.