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Equality Health strives to ensure all people receive high-quality, affordable, whole-person care that improves and enhances lives regardless of age, gender, race, ethnicity or income. Serving more than 20 million patients nationwide today, our goal is to ensure a world where everyone has equal access to quality care and resources to achieve optimal health.


How We're Helping

In the Community

Men’s Health & Wellness

Check out June’s Cafecito Time con Equality Health where we discussed men’s health and wellness. We talked about health threats that specifically impact men, ways to detect early symptoms of…

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In the News

A Team of Support

Imagine having a care team that is available to help with your physical, emotional, and spiritual health needs, and is ready to provide high-quality care when you need it the…

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The Back-to-School Adventure

Right about now, most kids are paying little to no attention to anything having to do with going back to school. While the reality of school may lurk vaguely in…

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