A Comprehensive
Value-Based Care
Model for Health Plans

Equality Health offers Health Plans a comprehensive, proven model that bundles care coordination technology, practice transformation services, cultural care training, and a provider incentive program, designed to deliver effective, value-based primary care.

Panel Discussion: Texas’ Alternative Payment Model Continuum - Moving from Process to Risk

Watch the latest thought-leader panel discussion; topics included Texas HHSC’s strategies for shifting its Medicaid programs from volume to value through value-based payment reform to achieve better quality care for beneficiaries while also lowering the cost of care, the role of Alternative Payment Models (APMs) in managed care, and an overview of how value-based payment (VBP) reform impacts the delivery of care and reimbursement in a value-based system.

Special Podcast: Advancing Quality and Payment Improvements in Medicaid Managed Care in Texas

Craig Gaites, Texas Market President, talks about Equality Health’s expansion into Texas and the opportunities it presents to help advance quality and payment improvements in Medicaid Managed Care.

Demonstrated Results

contracted quality measures exceeding state performance standards
annual well visits completion rate in 2020 compared to 20% natl. avg
lower ED utilization
reduction in MLR below Health Plan benchmarks

In the News

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Equality Health’s proprietary technology platform, CareEmpower®, is an EMR-agnostic solution that provides a foundation for practice transformation by aggregating fragmented data inputs into streamlined practice and care team workflows to close prioritized gaps in care. To learn more about CareEmpower® click here.

Practice Transformation

Practices are supported by Equality Health Practice Performance Managers (PPMs) who are experienced in all aspects of practice management. PPMs support CareEmpower® onboarding, workflow design, assist with accurate documentation and coding, and provide active performance monitoring.

Provider Incentive System

Equality Health’s provider incentive programs are designed in collaboration with Health Plan partners to align with their goals and drive improved performance for state-specific as well as federal measures in both small practices and large groups.

Cultural Care Model

Equality Health takes a whole-person approach to value-based performance, with a proprietary cultural care curriculum tailored to the sociocultural dynamics of a targeted population. Designed to help both clinicians and practice staff understand how culture impacts a member’s experience and health outcomes.