Equality Health Direct, a division of Equality Health, is a Direct Contracting Entity (DCE) in Arizona that works directly with local healthcare professionals to provide coordinated high-quality care for Medicare beneficiaries.

Equality Health Direct is participating in a new and innovative program with the Centers for Medicare and & Medicaid Services (CMS), the Global and Professional Direct Contracting Model. This new model supports improved care for Medicare beneficiaries by helping primary care providers coordinate services across multiple settings and by restructuring payments to support success. We are voluntarily participating in this new initiative because we believe it will help improve the quality care for patients.

Our Philosophy

Equality Health strives to ensure that all people receive high-quality, affordable, whole-person care that improves and enhances lives regardless of age, gender, race, ethnicity or income. Our goal is to help patients gain access to quality care that focuses on their overall well-being – physical, behavioral, and social factors – so they can meet their health and wellness goals.

The goals of our DCE, Equality Health Direct, include enhancing the patient experience, improving population health, reducing healthcare costs, improving healthcare providers’ work life, and participating in CMS’ innovation models.

Organizational Information

Equality Health Direct

Q Point Health, LLC (a wholly-owned subsidiary of Equality Health, LLC)
Doing business as Equality Health Direct

521 S. 3rd St.,
Phoenix, AZ 85004

Primary Contact

Beth Patak, Executive Director

Leadership Team

Our Equality Health Direct Board of Directors is deeply rooted in Arizona’s healthcare community with collective experience that spans a broad section of the healthcare delivery system including leadership in multiple CMS programs.

Board of Directors

  • Lisa Stevens Anderson – Chair, Equality Health – Voting Member
  • Jose Carrazco, MD – Feliz Care Centers – Voting Member
  • Mark Stephan, MD – Equality Health – Voting Member
  • Troy Garland – Equality Health – Voting Member
  • Brian Fischer – Equality Health – Voting Member
  • Henry Faccio – Consumer Advocate

Equality Health Direct Leadership

  • Beth Patak, Executive Director – Equality Health Direct
  • Lyn McMullen, Compliance Officer – Equality Health
  • Seth Dubry, MD, Acting Medical Director – Equality Health
  • Todd Galloway, Chief Actuarial Officer – Equality Health