Depression is at work in the workplace

According to an article in, clinical depression has become one of America’s most costly illnesses. Left untreated, depression is as expensive as heart disease or AIDS to the US economy, costing over $51 billion in absenteeism from work and lost productivity and $26 billion in direct treatment costs.

Culturally Sensitive Health Care Providers

Health care is an industry that has been, and always will be, steeped in compassion. It’s a necessary part of the job in order to heal both body and mind. However, in the pursuit of compassion for all, differences in cultures are sometimes forgotten and, in that misstep, we also miss providing the best health care that we can.

Leading change and transforming healthcare for the Hispanic Community.

The rapid growth in the Hispanic population, and especially in the number of Hispanic youth, represents one of the most dramatic and important demographic trends affecting the United States. Working-age Hispanic adults will age to become the first sizable wave of Hispanic seniors. As a result, the health status and health behaviors of today’s youth will play a central role in shaping the long-term health and health care needs not only of Hispanics in the United States, but of all Americans.