Whole-Person Care.
Unique Products.
Accessible Plans.

As an Equality Health member, your clients will have access to quality whole-health care that improves and enhances their lives. Grow your business while improving the community and retaining satisfied clients with the Equality Health Affinity Broker Network and an expanded product portfolio offered by health plan partners, designed for your clients.

Our Advantage

We partner with your clients to help them enhance and improve their lives. We work closely with our network of healthcare providers that use the best technology to ensure that all of our members get accessible, personalized care and benefits. Together, we meet our members (your clients) where they are in their healthcare journey and provide more pathways to achieve and maintain their best health.

When your clients select health plan products affiliated with our network, they’ll get convenient access to support and services such as:

  • A Network of healthcare providers committed to delivering whole-person care focused on all aspects that influence overall health – physical, behavioral health and social factors.
  • Assessments designed to uncover behavioral health, substance use, and social-cultural service needs.
  • Physicians and office staff trained to provide the best whole-person care that engages family and support members in the care delivery process.
  • Transitional care program that provides safe, guided transitions from hospital to home with assistance from compassionate care coordinators.
  • Care management program that helps members proactively manage their diabetic needs and a pharmacy team who can review a member’s medications and answer questions.
  • Member activation program to encourage members to proactively complete wellness activities e.g., wellness exams, preventative screenings, and immunizations.
  • A fully staffed bilingual call center to answer questions, address concerns and help members navigate their healthcare choices and transitions.
  • Our technology-enabled, integrated network of healthcare providers are all committed to delivering culturally sensitive care that’s focused on whole-person health – physical, behavioral, and addressing social factors that influence overall health.

Accessible Plans

A variety of health plan options are available for seniors, offered by our partners, thoughtfully designed to fit any budget, lifestyle or health need.

A Day in the Life

Share this brief educational video to help your clients understand the value of becoming part of the Equality Health family!