The founders of Equality Health have a deep sense of mission. Our leaders are driven by the desire to see health disparities disappear from our communities.  We work relentlessly to do our part. Our deepest sense of inspiration has come from working directly with patients and physicians in the community.

We spent over three years of primary research on health issues affecting ethnic populations and the cultural complexities that exist as a barrier to high- quality care. We witnessed the impact of health disparities among the Latino population and the continual struggle to achieve health equity with limited healthcare resources.

Challenges with language, cultural understanding, social determinants, addiction, health literacy and sustainable engagement have left a large and growing portion of our society far behind when it comes to healthcare access and quality that many of us take for granted.

During this time we worked with like-minded Hispanic physicians and created a dedicated cultural care network. The deep commitment of these physicians and their love for their community inspires us every day.

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