Micah DesJardins

Vice President, Development

Micah DesJardins is a Vice President of Development at HealthBI. He oversees the development of several product lines including Care Unify and CareEmpower. His teams are responsible for the delivery of product and modules at the heart of our Care Transitions, Gaps in Care and Population Health Management technologies including UI and interface, applications, frameworks, data management, API development and security.

Micah joined HealthBI in 2013 and has been instrumental in the architecture and design of products, services and modules offered by HealthBI. He started with the Health Collaborate product and after helping scale the product into 30 states, he moved into other products where he pushes his innovative teams to reinvent exceptionalism, retain that which is excellent, and refactor the rest.

Before coming to HealthBI, Micah worked as a Development Manager, Lead Developer and architect for decades. He has worked for companies and institutions such as Arizona State University, Village Voice Media, America Online, and IBM bringing his love of technology, people, and problem solving to bear in each role he has filled. Micah studied at University of North Carolina at Charlotte.