Koorosh Yasami

President, Health BI | Vice President, Equality Health

Koorosh Yasami brings over twenty-two years of management, product development, public and private sector experience to Health BI. Before becoming Health Business Intelligence Chief Executive Officer, Mr. Yasami served as a CIO, Vice President and Product Architect and owner in various industries.

He has more than twenty years of healthcare and public sector experience in the areas of healthcare administration, software development, productivity improvement, management consulting, revenue maximization, security, analytics and reporting.

Prior to joining Health Business Intelligence, Mr. Yasami served as the senior director of business intelligence and architect for United Health Group. In addition to a series of development management positions in areas of software solutions, telecommunications and security, Koorosh held a CIO position in an innovative mobile security startup when he succeeded in increasing the quality of product delivery while reducing cost, making the company profitable.

Mr. Yasami holds a Bachelor degree in Computer Science graduating summa cum laude from Arizona State University and has received a series of certificates and awards in software innovation field.