José Valdés

Vice President, Engagement

José Valdés is the Vice President of Engagement and has been involved with Equality Health since the beginning. He is responsible for architecting, developing, and deploying a mobile-based platform along with the associated services to drive high engagement and better outcomes.

Equality Health and José’s mission is to engage members, patients, providers and partners in an integrated, meaningful and culturally sensitive way that includes mobile technology and proprietary cultural care pathways creating a virtual integrated delivery system.

A Mexican-born immigrant, José earned a Bachelor of Science Degree in Computer Information Systems. He began his career as a software developer for Fortune 500 companies looking to improve operational efficiencies while achieving significant cost reductions.

He then turned his focus to introducing “next generation” technologies and solutions into industries ready-for-change. His experience has spanned data integration, business intelligence, analytics, cloud-based, and mobile-based solutions for once pre-IPO companies like Informatica, SuccssFactors, Telogis, and Castlight Health.

In 2010, he created WhiteGlove Health’s fastest growing market. A “Costco-like” membership model with a direct-to-employer approach for providing mobile primary and chronic care while reducing an employer’s total spend. José’s success further paved the way for WhiteGlove’s national expansion. He also introduced Castlight Health’s pricing transparency platform to Fortune 500 companies and their employees to enable greater accountability and consumerism.

Jose’s high-tech, healthcare, and logistics experience is integral to developing Equality Health’s delivery platform for Spanish and English speaking members.